Hole 1: "First Encounters" Par 4 Hcp 7

  • 419
  • 402
  • 394
  • 346
  • distances in yards to center of green

The opening hole at The Cascades is a 425 yards dog-leg to the right around one of the many lakes on the Course. It provides a "First Encounter" with many of the Course’s characteristic features: the water hazards, the strategically placed bunkers, the shaped greens.

Hole 2: "Lions in Waiting" Par 5 Hcp 15

  • 614
  • 591
  • 579
  • 508
  • distances in yards to center of green

Named "Lions In Waiting", after the two lion-shaped sphinxes guarding the entrance to The Sheraton Soma Bay Resort. The Lions overlook the green of this challenging Par 5, which normally plays down-wind, but where water and deep bunkers straddling the fairway are to be avoided.

Hole 3: "Bunker Alley" Par 4 Hcp 1

  • 427
  • 401
  • 378
  • 326
  • distances in yards to center of green

Although not the longest Par 4 on the Course, it quite often plays that way. The hole plays uphill with the wind usually coming from the left or against the direction of play. Accuracy in driving is important because the landing area is guarded by four bunkers on the left and five on the right.

Hole 4: "Green and Blue" Par 4 Hcp 9

  • 438
  • 413
  • 387
  • 352
  • distances in yards to center of green

From the elevated tee complex the blue waters of the Red Sea can be seen framing the green. Once again, bunkers protect the landing area, where the left side is preferred as it opens up the approach to the green.

Hole 5: "The Pebbles of Soma" Par 3 Hcp 3

  • 207
  • 170
  • 146
  • 132
  • distances in yards to center of green

This spectacular par 3 features a green protruding well into the sea and protected on three sides by a continuous narrow bunker and the breaking waters of the Red Sea. Playing usually into the wind, an accurate drive will hit the target; the less venturesome will aim for the landing area left of the green.

Hole 6: "Kosie’s Hole" Par 4 Hcp 13

  • 339
  • 299
  • 267
  • 238
  • distances in yards to center of green

"Kosie’s Hole" is named after Kosie Mentz, Gary Player’s Design Co-ordinator for The Cascades, who successfully argued changing the original design of the course to allow for this beautiful par 4 that plays along the sea with an elevated green framed by the sea on two sides.

Hole 7: "Jaws" Par 4 Hcp 5

  • 396
  • 376
  • 338
  • 311
  • distances in yards to center of green

The seventh hole at The Cascades, requires a delicate approach shot to the elevated, shallow, kidney-shaped green. With two deep bunkers guarding the green, club selection is vitally important. Saving par from either of these jaw-like bunkers will require a great bunker shot.

Hole 8: "Shadow Play" Par 3 Hcp 17

  • 193
  • 180
  • 161
  • 118
  • distances in yards to center of green

This hole offers renewed hope of redemption, but care must still be taken especially if the wind is up. The rise up to the green offers a view of the Club House basking in sunlight. Late in the day, the setting sun highlights the contours of bunkers and green with extended shadows.

Hole 9: "Double Trouble" Par 5 Hcp 11

  • 540
  • 499
  • 472
  • 437
  • distances in yards to center of green

On this hole, hazards come in pairs. Two bunkers in the middle of the fairway, two more to the left of the fairway, and the green is protected by two water hazards.

Hole 10: "Reverse Loop" Par 5 Hcp 14

  • 480
  • 457
  • 429
  • 409
  • distances in yards to center of green

The layout of The Cascades is different from that of most other golf courses. Instead of zig-zagging, the course is laid-out as an extended figure eight, offering different perspectives on the many facets of the Soma Bay Peninsula. Hole 10 leads away from the Club House at the start of the reverse loop.

Hole 11: "Panorama Bay" Par 4 Hcp 2

  • 426
  • 420
  • 395
  • 350
  • distances in yards to center of green

The elevated tee complex overlooks a panoramic view of the Peninsula's south-west coastline against the backdrop of the rugged mountain range separating the Nile Valley from the Red Sea coast.

Hole 12: "Dilemma, Dilemma" Par 4 Hcp 12

  • 355
  • 309
  • 290
  • 258
  • distances in yards to center of green

A decision must be taken: To take the left fairway with the wider landing but longer route to the green; or, the shorter-route right fairway. The latter is more susceptible to the usual cross-wind from left to right that might carry the ball into the waste bunker. The two-tiered green can be tricky to play, requiring touch.

Hole 13: "Optical Illusion" Par 5 Hcp 16

  • 543
  • 473
  • 441
  • 391
  • distances in yards to center of green

"Optical Illusion" is a straight forward Par 5. Because the green is on a promontory with a downward sloping fairway ahead of it, an illusion is created that the green is surrounded by the Red Sea, whereas it is 20 meters higher and 300 meters in-land.

Hole 14: "Second Signature" Par 3 Hcp 8

  • 186
  • 178
  • 154
  • 131
  • distances in yards to center of green

Playing over a desert ravine to a wide but shallow green guarded by three deep bunkers and the Red Sea waiting to swallow anything that is long, this is The Cascades’ Second Signature Hole. The views from the half-way Pavilion adjacent to the Blue/Black tee box is of a spectacular coastline.

Hole 15: "Great Wall of Soma" Par 4 Hcp 6

  • 358
  • 338
  • 315
  • 254
  • distances in yards to center of green

Another spectacular hole with the Red Sea paralleling the fairway along its entire left side. From the back tees, the drive has to carry over a sandy cove. And from the landing area, the approach shot has to carry over another, larger, sandy cove. The cart path is bordered by a retaining wall, reminiscent of China’s Great Wall, albeit on a more modest scale?

Hole 16: "Ricochet Gully" Par 3 Hcp 18

  • 184
  • 144
  • 118
  • 107
  • distances in yards to center of green

Gary Player was so taken by the rock work throughout Soma Bay that he created the concept of carving a green surrounded by a rock face. Miss the green or its protective bunkers, and the ball ricochets from rock to rock

Hole 17: "Double Dip" Par 4 Hcp 4

  • 470
  • 449
  • 419
  • 379
  • distances in yards to center of green

A long par 4 whose length is mitigated by the following wind. Once reached, the green is split between two distinct levels by a swale of 1.5 meters, creating a double-dip effect. This hole has been nicknamed “never ending story” due to its length. The entire hole has striking views of Soma Bay’s northeast coastline from its elevated position.

Hole 18: "The Terminator" Par 4 Hcp 10

  • 423
  • 369
  • 336
  • 316
  • distances in yards to center of green

This challenging Par 4 requires two long and accurate shots, usually against the wind, to find the home green. The narrow fairway is protected by two deep bunkers on the left and a waste bunker with the dreaded "pampas" on the right. The elevated green is framed by The Cascades’ Club House and its Spike Bar.